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Annual Miss Mary's Fourth of July Parade

Kiwanis continues the tradition set by Miss Mary Mullinax in 1983 to give children six and under the chance to march in their own Fourth of July Parade!

Can you imagine being a child, loving parades, but being too young to participate? The parade, which is held annually and started by Mary Mullinax, was first held in downtown Kernersville in 1983. It gives children ages six and under the chance to participate in their own Fourth of July parade. The parade averages anywhere from 100 - 150 children depending on the weather.

A bit of background: Mary was teaching preschool at Main Street Methodist Church in 1983. As part of the children's activities, the students painted flags for the holiday. She shared with the children that they might be able to use them in the town Fourth of July Parade. The next day, a sad little boy told her he found out he was too young to be in the "big" parade. Miss Mary decided they would have their own parade and march around the Farmers Market's former location in downtown Kernersville.

Originally called the Children's Parade, the Kiwanis Club changed the name to Miss Mary's Children's Parade in honor of Mullinax when they took over the event.

Event Details at a Glance

  • Date: Saturday before the Fourth of July

  • Time: Registration begins at 9:00; The parade begins at 10:00

  • Location: Town Hall, Kernersville

Be a Part of Your Child's Patriotic Journey

During Miss Mary’s Children’s Parade, the children march and ride around the Town Hall courtyard decorated with American flags.

During the event, children can see Uncle Sam and will receive a small American flag.

Welcoming comments are followed by the Pledge of Allegiance Star Spangled Banner, and the crowning of the Kernersville Fourth of July queen, who will then lead the parade.

Children are encouraged to come dressed in red, white and blue to show off their patriotism and to ride in decorated wagons, strollers and tricycles.

Children will receive flags, t-shirts, books, and ice cream while they last.


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